We Work Exclusively With 1 Business

In order for us to fully giving our full attention and making sure that your business will rank on Google page one, we only work with 1 local business in 1 city for that 1 niche/market. For example, if you are a roofing company in Glendale and you are the first to using our service for video ranking, we will only work with you to rank your video on Google page one…. Your competitor who is also in Glendale won’t be accepted for the video ranking service…. but if say, your competitor wants to use pay per results SEO…. then we will work with your competitor on pay per results SEO (if you have not use that service). Hope this is clear.

We strictly wants to give you our full attention, getting you on page one, and getting more customers to you. That way, you can get gr eat ROI and will see more profit and stay with us for years to come. This EXCLUSIVITY is for first come first served. Like the example above, if you decide to use 1 service, your competition might use another service from us.