Google My Business

1. What is Google My Business?
Google gives each and every local business a business listing, just like what you have seen in Yellow Pages decades ago. This is to help local business to get online. However, many local businesses does not know that this exist and lots of them don’t even bother to claim it.
2. How To Claim My Google My Business?
It is actually a very easy process. All you have to do is search Google for your business, and then click on ‘claim my listing’ and follow through the instruction. Then Google will send you a postcard to verify that you are the right owner to the business. You will receive the postcards in 14 business days and once you receive it, follow the instruction to verify it. Pretty Easy. Note: Claiming your GMB is totally FREE to do it yourself.
3. I Want to Learn More About Google My Business?
The resource is at your finger tips. You can search Google itself to learn more about it. Or you can search Youtube for it. However, it will takes time for you to search and learn and all of the info is not in one central place. You might get frustrated and don’t know where to start, what’s next and what else you have been missing. So, we have create a centralize area where we walk you through step by step and explain in depth on what to do. But it is not free. We ask for a nominal fee just to help us to cover the cost involved in creating it and to keep it online.  You can check it out here 
4. Can You Help Me Claim my Google My Business?
Yes we can… but that comes with a fee. We are not only claim your listing for you, we will optimize it for you as well. Just fill out the form for our other service.
5. What If I Already Claim My Google My Business, but it does not show up in Google Page 1?
Claiming your GMB is just the first step. Then you need to optimize it…. and after that, there are a lot of process that you need to take in order for it to rank in the 3 pack listing on Google Page 1. Those processes are tedious and time consuming. You would not want to spend time on it yourself. Even some times, we are not very certain that we can help rank local business in the 3 pack either. So after you submit your info to us, and if we are confident and certain that we can rank your GMB on first page of Google, then we will proceed. There are some niches and cities that are very hard to get in, unless you are willing to spend time and money on it and let us try to help you beat your competition.
6. Can You Help Me To Rank my Google My Business in 3 pack?
Yes and No. Just like we told you earlier, some niche are hard to crack because of competition. And we will tell you exactly that we can out beat your competitors or not. Most of the time, we are able to do it! So, depends on where your listing is currently rank, we can definitely take a look and get back to you. For now, if you want to get started, please fill out the form and give us as accurate information as you can.  Click Here or click on the button below

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Pay Per Results S.E.O

1. What is Pay Per Results SEO?
 Pay Per Results SEO, also known as Pay for performance SEO, means that, you only pay after we perform or get a result or ranking on first page of Google. 
2. What Are The Risk ?
If you had been running a tradition SEO project, you know that there is no guaranteed whether how long you will rank… and that you have to start paying from month 1, or as soon as you sign a contract. You might be paying for 3 or 6 months, yet your website not even rank. Or worse case is that, the people or agency you hire disappear.

However with Pay Per Results S.E.O, you only pay us after we rank the keywords you choose. So, really there is no risk on your part, as we take all the risk and spend our time to rank. If we don’t rank, we don’t get paid. Simple.

3. How does Pay Per Results SEO Works?
You can give us the keywords that you think or know your potential customers would search for your business. Or we can do a research together to come up with 10 keywords that is ok by you. Then we will start to work on those keywords making sure it will rank. The beauty of this is that, if we don’t rank, we don’t get paid.

For example: if you start with 10 keywords, normally, we would probably be able to rank 1 to 3 of those keywords within 30 to 60 days…. Then and only then you will be asked to pay us for the service. We will continue to rank all of those 10 keywords for you. And if none of those 10 keywords drop out from page one, you are not required to pay.

Another example is that, say if you start with 20 keywords, as you want to get as many customers as you possibly can. So, we will go to work for you…. However, you only pay us when we rank for you. But with 20 keywords, you only start to pay us the price for the first 10 keywords batch…. If we rank any of the keywords in the 2nd batch, but fail to rank ALL of the keywords in the 1st batch, then you only pay us for the 1st  batch. That means, you can now choose 20 keywords, 2 batches of 10 keywords…. and you only pay for the 2nd batch, when ALL keywords in the first batch are ranked on page one of Google.

That is how we take all the risk and let you focus on your business.

4. Okay, How Do I Get Started with Pay Per Results SEO?
To get started, simply CLICK ON this link here or click on the button below

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Ranking Video On Page One


1. Do You Also Rank Video on Google Page 1?
 Yes, this is one of the area of our expertise also. We will help you to rank your video on page one of Google. Sometimes, we might be able to rank 2 or more videos on page one for the same keywords. It is depending on the competition, and the locality that you are in. But most of time we rank video on page one and keep it there.

2. Can You Show Me Example of Video You Rank?
Yes and No. No is that we keep our customers information confidential… so we won’t be able to show you our customers video ranking. You would not want to let your competitor know that you use our service, right? And Yes, we can show you example of our video that is ranking right now. Go to Google and search for this term: “pay per results seo company los angeles”  …. At the time of this writing, we see our videos show on 3 video packs at the top of page 1 in Google. The keywords SEO, SEO company and Los Angeles are VERY VERY TOUGH TO RANK, but we manage to rank ours on TOP OF GOOGLE PAGE ONE.

3. Will My Video Rank On Youtube too?
 We are optimized your video to rank in Google and if it show up in Youtube, that is the bonus. We do not and cannot guaranteed or promised that your video will rank in Youtube… But we will try it to have it also rank in Youtube.

4. Okay, How Do I Get My Video Rank?
All you have to do is provide us the needed information by filling out this form here or click on the button below

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